SwarmPlug-in M32 Test
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Enjoy the Weather Man

Feedback and Statistics

Visit the feedback and statistics page to tell us your experience and see some numbers about the trial.

What is SwarmPlugin?
SwarmPlugin enables you browser to stream video over a peer-to-peer BitTorrent network. Every person watching the video contributes some of his Internet connection and the resulting resource pool serves everybody. Using SwarmPlugin you help other people, other people help you and everybody gets the video faster. Offloading the original source of content, we democratize video publishing on the Web.

For the 1080 p trial, an Internet connection that can download 4 Mb/s per second. For the 480p alternative, 0.5 Mb/s will do it. You can check your download speed here, if you are unsure.

How does the trial work?
We want to see how well SwarmPlugin works "out there". You can read more here.

Who are you?
We are the P2P-Next consortium, an EU-funded project experimenting with the future of online content delivery.

Content credits
The video content in this trial has kindly been provided by BBC Backstage as part of its research project into open video sharing. More details are available here.

Bug report
We expect the video to play nice and smoothly, but there might still be occasional glitches. In case you find one of these, please let us know.