SwarmPlayer on Linux

Ubuntu Linux

The SwarmPlayer runs on Linux, of course. We provide a downloadable package for Ubuntu Linux (Hardy) and you can also run it from the source on other flavours. To install SwarmPlayer on Ubuntu take the following steps:
  1. Start the Synaptic Package Manager from the System / Administration menu
  2. Open the Repositories menu from the Settings menu
  3. Click on the Third-Party Software tab
  4. Click on the Add+ button
  5. Type deb http://ubuntu.p2p-next.org/ hardy main
  6. Click the Add Source+ button
  7. Close the Repositories menu
  8. Click the Reload button to retrieve the package info from the P2P-Next repository
  9. Click Search and search for "swarmplayer"
  10. Mark SwarmPlayer for installation by clicking
  11. Ignore the warning about authentication, it is harmless
  12. If you're using Ubuntu Hardy you should also install our "python-vlc" package (search for it). SwarmPlayer will work without, but live video may give problems. If you install python-vlc the video will be played inside the SwarmPlayer window as on other platforms, instead of in an external player.
  13. Install SwarmPlayer by clicking the "Apply" button at the top
Alternatively, you can directly download the package, and install it using
sudo dpkg -i swarmplayer_1.0.1-1ubuntu1_all.deb
Finally, download e.g. the live torrent to your desktop. Then right-click and select "Open with Other Application". At the bottom click on "Use a custom command" and type /usr/bin/swarmplayer.

Running from Source (other Linuxes)

To run from source you first need to get it from our Subversion repository:
svn co http://svn.tribler.org/abc/tags/swarmplayer-1.0.1
Next, follow the instructions in Tribler/readme.txt substituting "swarmplayer" for "tribler". The SwarmPlayer can then be run by typing:
python Tribler/Player/swarmplayer.py live.tstream
or if the Tribler lib cannot be found, set $PYTHONPATH for your shell:
env PYTHONPATH=. python Tribler/Player/swarmplayer.py live.tstream